Chuck Fender live from Jamaica Reggae Fire family show case

Reggae Fire family show case
Featuring live from Jamaica
Chuck Fender
Elijah Prophet
Genesis Sound


Chuck Fender

The world can’t contain him. Not anymore. With his embracing of the Rastafarian faith and his determination to be “The Poor People Defender”, DJ Chuck Fenda is on a mission. His thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics, coupled with his matured, energetic stagemanship make him one of the most charismatic entertainers around today. One only had to witness him in action at Sting 2004, Stone Love 30th Anniversary or any of last summers (2005) performances at several of Europes largest reggae outdoor festivals including Rototom Sunsplash (Italy), headline at Summerjam (Germany) alongside Gentleman and Two 7 Splash (Netherlands), to realize that he has been cemented as one of the entertainers that will play a great role in the revolution of Jamaica ‘s music across the globe.

Elijah Prophet

Elijah Prophet was born and raised in Westmoreland, Jamaica, West Indies. At a young age, Elijah began singing under the mentoring of Garnet Silk and Uton Green. These years were spent in the cool hills of Parish of Manchester. At the time, Garnet Silk was unknown to the world of music and was dj’ing under the name “Bimbo”. Singer Uton Green took on the dual role of godfather and teacher and remains to this day a mentor to Elijah. The next step was in 1991, when Garnett Silk would take Elijah to Courtney Cole’s Roof Talent Show every year and Elijah would sing with the band. These live appearances helped Elijah earn a reputation as a singer with a powerful voice and a strong stage performance.

Fathead AKA Fatta Fire
Abraham Lynch Fathead of King Genesis, base in Sweden and has been participating in a number of events as well as keeping shows and dances all over Scandinavia and surrounding countries. His style of playing is best described as contemporary dancehall which is warm and energetic. Fatta Fire The Vibes Machine Plays a wide variety of artists and tunes his firmness in mixing them enables him to ram any session, rated as one of the most outstanding and distinguished. In Scandinavia, Genesis Sound and Dj Fatta-Fire, is the most reputable notebook for reggae music in these regions.

Most recent performance for GENESIS SOUND was at the “UPPSALA REGGAE FESTIVAL – 2005” ( with SKY JUICE SOUND from Dk.


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