Mp3 Gambia

New single called “Gambia”  (tribute to the smiling coast) by Jah Turban- Sufferation Riddim by Damas for Diligent_AGELESS_Music Song recorded at The Mandela Studio in the Gambia. Listen preview [audio:] Now available for purchase here, soon on itunes. For more info. &nbsp

Mp3 Life Is (Jigsaw Puzzle)

New reggae dancehall single called “Life Is (Jigsaw Puzzle)” by Jah Turban. “Life is” is a life journey of ups and downs and how we must keep on. Listen to the preview, now available for purchase here on the SJP site  under “New Releases”, and in the beginning of December on itunes. Tell your friends. [audio:] ..

MP3: One Scotch – Coco

One Scotch is a track that is performed at many many live stage shows here is your chance to download it. Also available on Itunes end of January 2012 [audio:|titles=One Scotch nv MASTER pre mp3]

MP3: Working Man – Jah Turban

Working Man song  is a message to the youths of today, to keep working and you will get your reward. Also available on Itunes end of December 2011 [audio:|titles=01 Working Man mp3 preview 46] &nbsp

MP3: Jimmy – Papa Shorty

This song  – JIMMY –  is an eye opener for everyone, it tells a true everyday story of many individuals who somehow get caught up in drug abuse. Also available on Itunes end of October 2011 [audio:|titles=Shorty – Jimmy pre mp3]

debut single release -Twende Tukatike – by Sawa Feat: Jaddo

DEBUT SINGLE RELEASE ’TWENDE TUKATIKE’ BY SAWA – feat. Jah Youth LABEL: SJP RECORDS SJP Records are pleased to release the debut Swahili reggae/dancehall single called “Twende Tukatike” by the Kenyan singer Sawa. It is now available for download at Skyjuice online store and from mid September 2011 on iTunes. Twende tukatike is Swahili for “let’s go dancing”. The tune talks ..

MP3: Twende Tukatike – Sawa – feat. Jaddo

Twende Tukatike which is Swahili, for “let’s go dancing” [audio:|titles=Twende Tukatike pre.] 

MP3: Give Love – Wendy Wonder

Give Love: Is about believing in yourself and shows off Wendy’s special voice. [audio:|titles=Give love pre]

Mp3: Illusion – Jonesey

Illusion: written by Jonesey and is another dancehall track which warns females of their illusions with regards to some males – the ever elusive relationships. [audio:|titles=Illusion preview]