Showtime Program

21.00 – Doors Open

21:30 – Intro to this celebration night by (mc) Karen mukupa – kids tribute by Sol & Apar

21:45 – Sky Sound – Henrik Bæk – Seminar – Blakk gold – Poetry – Coco p – Lyrical D

22:20 – Rudee Spice – Jahcub – Jazz Malaika – Chapper – Ida Ambrose – Jah Bobby – Ilawy

23:25 – Skyjuice Sound System – Henrik Bæk – Talks about the urgent situation regarding Alpha Boys School Jamaica.

23:40 – Bob Marley tribute on vinyl (Sky Juice Sound)

00:05 – Karen Mukupa – Jah Turban – Nyoto Ndogo – Kaka

Back by Hafizi Crew Band

01:00 Sky Juice Sound Until you say when!!!


The King Of Reggae Turns 71 #dbfbm71

To truly celebrate Bob Marley we must celebrate his message.

This year sky Juice Promotions have reached a milestone of having celebrated The King of reggae for 25 years.

This birthday bash will Feature.

Kaka – Karen Mukupa – Jah Turban – Nyota Ndogo live from Kenya – Chapper – Jazz Malaika – Ida Ambrose – I Lawy – Rudee Spice  – Jah Bobby – Blakk Goldd – Jahcub – Coco P.
Backing band: Hafizi Crew, Kids Tribute by Sol and Apar, Seminar / by Henrik Bæk, Sky juice Sound – Dj Shorty – DC Jahman

Friday the 12th of February 2016 at Loppen Christiania doors open 21:00.



Bob Marley was born on Feb. 6, 1945 in Nine Mile, ST. Anns Jamaica.


Reggae music most transcendent and iconic figure, Bob Marley was the first Jamaican artist to achieve international super star status, in the process introducing reggae music to the four corners of the globe.

Every year in February reggae fans all over the world celebrates The King Of reggae music birthday as a reminder of his work for peace, love and liberty. Songs such as “Jamming,” “Waiting in Vain,” “War,” and “One Love/People Get Ready,” has the message of Love, Peace and Social Justice, which has touched, uplifted and gave voice to the day-to-day struggles of so many people around the world, even today.

So Join Sky Juice Promotions and the countless others in Copenhagen and Scandinavian for an unforgettable positive evening of music and culture, as we continue to learn from and honor The King by celebrating his life and music with a birthday celebration called * Them belly full, but we hungry *

Them belly full, but we hungry A hungry mob is a angry mob.
A rain a-fall, but the dutty tough a pot a-yook, but d’ yood* no ‘nough.

Cost of livin’ gets so high, Rich and poor they start to cry
Now the weak must get strong they say, “Oh, what a tribulation!”


Artists Appearing on the night



(Swahili for “brother”), is of Tanzanian descent he is a reggae, dancehall and hip hop artist who performs in EnSidsteSangCover024.600x600-75Danish . At various times, he was known as Little Kaka, Lil’ Kaka and Bigg Kaka before dropping the adjectives.
In 2007, Kaka had his debut appearing on stage with Natasja Saad on her last shows in Copenhagen before she died in Jamaica. Kaka later collaborated with Lirical D’Mirical and his sound system Splif Click also being part of the Danish reggae underground scene with Youngblood Sound. In 2009, he allied himself with the producers Pharfar and Fresh-I and their sound system Donkey Sound. In 2011, he was featured in Wafande’s debut single “Gi’ mig et smil” (meaning Give Me a Smile). Kaka had his own first release in collaboration with Donkey Sound in the track “Mere Energi”. However his biggest success came with “Bang Bang (Reggaejam)” on the newly formed label Donkey Recs (founded by Donkey Sound, producer duo Pharfar and Fresh-I and Musicall Management). The song charted in the Tracklisten, official Danish Singles Chart in 2012. He followed that up with single “En sidste sang” in 2013, also a Top 20 hit in Denmark. Kaka Facebook


Jah Turban

#jahturban will be supporting artist to #kabakapyramid on #sunday the 11th October @musikloppen

Jah Turban´s aim and aspiration is to spread the positive message of his music worldwide. He grew up in Spanish Town, and received his musical calling at an early age. He was inspired by many roots reggae artists which led him at the age of 10 to start singing on sound systems, in his area of Spanish Town. At age 16 he received the Rastafari calling which he embraced, following the culture of Nyah Bingi gatherings, drumming, and cultural music. Since his arrival in Denmark, he has toured mainly in Denmark and Sweden, and France and Italy, and has participated in several of the reggae festivals in those countries. – At the end of 2012, he started a 3 month “Back to Africa” tour of the Gambia and Ghana to get inspirations from the motherland. The tour has already resulted in a very popular track entitled For the Gambia, a tribute to the smiling coast of Africa. Plus a track entitled Fi Wi Time Now based on the Hottadanfire riddim by Ghana producer Sky Boo Reppin. Jah Turban visited the Gambia for further inspiration at end 2013 and to collect video material. Jah Turban Facebook


Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo (real name Mwanaisha Abdalla, born c. 1981) is a musician from Kenya who performs taarabIMG-20160123-WA0003influenced pop music. Nyota Ndogo is from the coastal city of Mombasa.  Her father Abdala Atib was a musician with a local band, but Nyota Ndogo did not take up musical career until being inspired by the hip hop group K-South‘s lyrics.She won Kisima Award for best Taarab singer in 2003 and Best female singer in 2005. She has three nominations for the upcoming 2008 Kisima Awards. She was nominated for the Best Kenyan female artiste at the 2007 PAM Awards.Her song Watu na Viatu was nominated for the best East African song at the 2007 Tanzania Music Awards.She also represented Kenya in Comoros. Nyota has also performed in Dubai, Germany, Mauritius and South Africa. Nyota ndogo Facebook



1219871_600_980_0_65_1200_750_2JAM! BEAT! BAND! show, kan man lære, hvordan man kan lave de fedeste sange, skrive de vildeste tekster og komme frem med de sygeste beats.Jam-showet tager publikum med og rundt på en underholdende rejse i musikkens mange funky, forrygende facetter.Et show hvor publikum også har mulighed for at deltage aktivt, sammen medChapper og hans super seje, søde og sjove musikere. Det hele går op i en højere enhed, når de jammer, synger sort, gætter, laver beats og beatbox og i det hele taget fyrer den for vildt af…

“Gi’ et beat – jeg véd du har et!”   Chapper Facebook


Ida Ambrose

hqdefaultSanger og sangskriver fra København, halv dansker, halv gambianer. Ida Sainaboue Ambrose har sunget og optrådt i flere år på den danske musik scene, både som korsangerinde for blandt andet Alex Ambrose og Miss Makupa, derudover har hun været den ene halvdel af pigeduen IdaAida som har spillet shows landet rundt, senest har hun deputeret som solo artist under kunstner navnet

IDA AMBROSE på den københavnske reggae scene, blandt andet under Distortion og Scandinavian Reggae Festival 2014 i København og vandt sommeren 2014 1. pladsen i talent konkurrencen I Am Music i Sverige under Malmø Festival. Ida Ambrose Facebook



Marley-16003159resize 500Has since his arrival from Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania in the mid 80’s been amongst the pedigree of the Danish reggae scene. Well-known for his silky voice and lively performance, Ilawy takes the groove to higher levels on stage as well as in the studio with his appearance in various bands

such as Japaf, Nobody Beats the Beats and Ashtiani & Baltzer. Working with reggae producer System Failure Ilawy has released the single Stand Firm on the Copenhagen-based Crucial Sounds label. Ilawy is truly an experienced singer and performer and a joy to watch every time he enters the stage. Ilawy Facebook


Jah Bobby_MG_1061

The Veteran Jamaican singer entertainer known as Jah Bobby started singing at age 8 but it was not until 12 years ago that he seriously made the right move to explore his musical talent.

Jah bobby has a unique voice styling, which is compared to Skelly of Israel Vibration (who have played one of the best roots reggae concerts in Copenhagen)



Is a vibrant singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist.index
Born in Nigeria based in Copenhagen. Jahcub’ s music embraces many people across the globe.
His music explores the themes: Love, hope, togetherness, trials and triumphs of everyday man.With a unique sound of reggae/African traditional reggae infused with rock, jazz and highlife, this music captures it’s audience and takes them on a divine musical journey, leaving them in a positive frame of mind for the trials of tomorrow.Jahcub is a truly talented musician and performer with a supreme creativity and virtuosity. He has played at major venues across Europe such as Queens Jubilee in Oxford, The O2 Arena, Momo bar, The Jazz Café in London, Blue frog India, high spirit India.Jahcub is currently working on his upcoming album, with “SODI” GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER for best world music, which will be out this Jahcub Facebook


Rudee Spice

Marley-16010128Who is a Soul / Reggae singer and song writerAfter big successes with the songs ‘Love is what I want’ with (Sound Of Seduction) and ‘Now That We Found Love.’ Rudee Spice latest single ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ is making a lot of head waves in the underground. He is currently working on a new EP entitled what’s going on.He has been performing on many stages in Europe and has been support to Kymani Marley, Fantan Mojah, Author Conley, Anthony B and Herma Franklin to name a few. This artist music is all about the positive message especially for the yutes cause they are the future.Rudee Spice is a great performer and will nice up any dance hall and stage show. Rudee Spice Facebook

Also in the the show (click on artist name to see more)

Liricical D

Backing band Hafizi crew

Dj Shorty

Sky Juice Sound





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