Easter Reggae Dancehall Live Edition Sat. 15th April Loppen Christiania

Easter Reggae / Dancehall Live edition
Live – Old School – Reggae/Dancehall Culture

Featuring – Jah Turban – Nyota Ndogo – Ida Ambrose – Blakkah Corleone – Hafizi Crew – Sky Juice Sound – with DC Jah Man – Dj Shoty



Jah Turban

#jahturban will be supporting artist to #kabakapyramid on #sunday the 11th October @musikloppen

He grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica and received his musical calling at an early age, singing on sound systems, at sixteen he received the Rastafari calling which he embraced, following the culture of Nyah Bingi gatherings, drumming, and cultural music. Since his arrival in Denmark, he has performed in Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Mexico, in 2012, he started a 3 month “Back to Africa” tour of The Gambia and Ghana with a return leg in 2014/15. His Album – Mama Africa – is possitively thunerable along with many great singles. Jah Turban´s aim and aspiration is to spread the positive message of his music worldwide. Jah Turban Facebook

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota Ndogo (real name Mwanaisha Abdalla, born c. 1981) is a musician from Kenya who performs taarabIMG-20160123-WA0003influenced pop music. Nyota Ndogo is from the coastal city of Mombasa.  Her father Abdala Atib was a musician with a local band, but Nyota Ndogo did not take up musical career until being inspired by the hip hop group K-South‘s lyrics.She won Kisima Award for best Taarab singer in 2003 and Best female singer in 2005. She has three nominations for the upcoming 2008 Kisima Awards. She was nominated for the Best Kenyan female artiste at the 2007 PAM Awards.Her song Watu na Viatu was nominated for the best East African song at the 2007 Tanzania Music Awards.She also represented Kenya in Comoros. Nyota has also performed in Dubai, Germany, Mauritius and South Africa. Nyota ndogo Facebook


Ida Ambrose

hqdefaultSanger og sangskriver fra København, halv dansker, halv gambianer. Ida Sainaboue Ambrose har sunget og optrådt i flere år på den danske musik scene, både som korsangerinde for blandt andet Alex Ambrose og Miss Makupa, derudover har hun været den ene halvdel af pigeduen IdaAida som har spillet shows landet rundt, senest har hun deputeret som solo artist under kunstner navnet

IDA AMBROSE på den københavnske reggae scene, blandt andet under Distortion og Scandinavian Reggae Festival 2014 i København og vandt sommeren 2014 1. pladsen i talent konkurrencen I Am Music i Sverige under Malmø Festival. Ida Ambrose Facebook


Hafizi Crewhafizi-crew-logotype-med-ild9

Roots / dancehall reggae backing band, consisting of the most skilled & experienced musicians from the danish reggae scene.

Bass: Javin: Played with; Bikstok, Alton Ellis, Mykal Rose, Admiral Bailey, Jah Mason, Half Pint, Klumben og Raske Penge, BliGlad, Natasja a.o..Keyboards: Troels Kjaer: Played with; Pharfar, Wafande, Von Dü, Karen Mukupa, Klumben, Raske penge, Kaka, Babylove a.o..Drums: : Played with; Klumben og Raske Penge, Natasja, Kaka, TopGunn, Kenneth Bager a.o..Guitar: Tamhool aka Tormod aka Torben: Played with Alton Ellis, Mykal Rose, Admiral Bailey, Jah Mason, Half Pint, Gappy Ranks, Peter Belli, Peter A.G., Trolle og Tormod, Cisilia, Lady Saw, Bikstok, Natasja, a.o.. Hafizi crew Riddim Band Facebook


Sky Juice Sound


The year to year Sound is one of the longest living sound in Scandinavia and continues to be realistically focused, with a very strong team of mature selectors who knows how to dip their hands in their record box come up with tunes you don’t hear everyday. Sky Juice Sound single handily introduced “A real Jamaican style” of playing reggae music to Denmark and most of Scandinavia throughout the 90’s and beyond, no surprise that they became a reggae university and inspiration for most sounds and artists in and around Denmark today.

Sky Juice Sound is determined to keep the real spirit of sound system alive…The selectors in the crew all have a reputation of pleasing the crowd with real authentic foundation, and conscious reggae dancehall music. Sky Juice Sound consists of Supa Mikes (founder/director)…dj Shorty (coordinator/main selector/artist/ mc)… Speng (mc/vibes machine)…. dc (engineer/main foundation selector/producer)…..Coco mc/vibes machine. Sky Juice Sound myspace

















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