Heyday, Ølsnedkeren and Sky Juice presents Mad Professor – Reggae to Distortion


Reggae to Distortion feat.
Mad Professor
Sky Juice & friends – Jah Turban, Kaka & EaggerStun,
Tue Track, Sjakket, Tudsegammelt, Emil Lange

HEYDAY, Ølsnedkeren and Sky Juice Reggae have created an alternative scene for Distortion 2013 called “Reggae to Distortion”. This is a chill-out event at Blågårdsplads with a line-up of hiphop, reggae and dub acts. Featuring the legendary dub music producer and engineer Mad Professor . Mad Professor is known as one of the greatest dub-icons in the world, and is often credited for bringing reggae and dub into the electronic age. He has in addition cooperated with an extensive number of bands, including Lee “Scartch” Perry, Horace Andy and Massive attack.230095_211027488920082_5579298_n
When Mad Professor paid a visit to Rust in 2006, Gaffa granted 5/6 stars, and wrote amongst other things:
“Mad Professor yanked 25 years of dub and reggae mass production out of the record bag, and gave an impressive performance in live technology nerdiness “

Besides Mad professor, a line of artists are performing who we feel are amongst the most talented on the Danish hip-hop, reggae and dj-scene, and who will provide a breath of fresh air to the festival.

Tue Track (hip-hop DJ)Produced and remixed many many166791_582087741802885_159777413_n

305707_448112248606940_256496043_nSjakket (live hip-hop orchestra)Sjakket! En lyriskmilitant separatistbevægelse fra Vendsyssel

Tudsegammelt (live hip-hop band)Tudsegammelt, den lyd dansk rap har savnet. Med rødder i hiphop og jazz har gruppen siden 2010 376934_613712745320703_1966560171_n

Sky Juice with friends –

305557_10151174305448473_1939106762_nEaggerStun, Kristoffer Sjelberg = Stunn aka Stunn Gunn
D. McFarlane = Eagger aka Eaggerman, Reggae/Dancehall/Roots/Dub and Step/Hip Hop


Kaka (reggae, dancehall) Rapper, toaster, sanger of the futurem_772749410f029595e9082d84378650bb



538033_560020700687237_1730701608_nJah Turban (reggae sing jay) Jah Turban is one of the many talented conscious reggae artists coming from the Spanish Town area in Jamaica – a Bobo reggae warrior

jay),Emil Lange (moombathon Dj)486810_586367681394125_1559225316_n






To quench the Danes uncontrollable thirst for beer, HEYDAY and Sky Juice have had the Flying Couch Reggae Dude beer brewed; A fresh pale hops ale with a slight bitter edge served from tap by master brewer Peter Sonne and sidekick Jannick Sahlholdt. We are additionally serving scrumptious South American summer drinks and crisp shots, to match the cheery summer spirit.
Ølsnederken has as co-organizer brewed a number of delicious summerlike beers, exclusively for Distortion: Trætudsens Tobakstår – Pale/72 – Distorted Ale + a couple of surprices!
We are using the #blågård hashtag for our guest who’s enjoying twitter and instagram.
Read more on BLÅGÅRDS SCENEN Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/156956541149148/)


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