Nyahbingi drummers

Nyahbingi is the mystical power of the Most High to mete justice
throughout the universe. Nyahbingi has come down to the Rastaman to
signify “chanting down the oppressors, both black and white”. Therefore,
it is through prayer, music and biblical reasonings that the Rastaman
chants Bingi, playing drums and calling on the forces of nature to
destroy the powers of wickedness.

Rastafari is more closely associated with reggae than with any other
music. Undoubtedly, much of roots reggae does have a solid foundation in
the reasonings, or philosophy, of Rasta. It is mystical, spiritual and
staunchly Pan-Africanist; for the most part, roots reggae touts this
line: reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear,
Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru and countless others actively cite the
teachings of the Faith on their recordings.

In the times that we are living in today where there is so much war,
crime and hate, we need to show some love.

So on the 17th of September the Nyahbingi drummers with special guests
chanters will drum and chant to bring forward Jah Love.

Also Sky Juice Sound along Unity Hi Fi Sound will set the stage with
pure roots vibes before and after show.

Below is the link

Read more www.rhythmweb.com/jamaica/nyabinghi.htm


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