Reggae Revival – Chronixx, Dre Island and Kelissa. Friday 18th April, Amager Bio, doors 20.00.


Reggae Revival


One of the fastest rising Reggae artists out of Jamaica Chronixx, is ready to hit Copenhagen. Chronixx and The Zinc Fence Redemption band, alongside two of the hottest upcoming artists out of Bob Marley´s soil. Dre Island, Kelissa + more.

Amager Bio, Friday the 18th April 2014, Doors open 20:00.

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At just 21-years old Jamaican-born artist Chronixx already has a handful of successful singles, music videos and a mixtape with Diplo’s Major Lazer. This is all before he’s even released a full-length album. But what makes Chronixx’s early success so intriguing is the way he’s done it. Spearheading a new reggae revival, Chronixx’s music is heavy on unwavering positivity and a live-band sound .The result is a refreshing change of pace that just might alter the Jamaican music scene in a major way.

Island Records’ founder Chris Blackwell is also impressed by Chronixx, describing his music, in an email to, as “completely fresh, uplifting and very pure,” adding that “it’s fantastic for someone so young to be able to communicate his message in the way he does and entertain at the same time.”

Dre Island is David Rodigan personal bet. The veteran mention on the BBC 1Xtra radio program.index

“Rodigan´s scorcher is Dre Island´s Uptown Downtown.”

Dre Island a classical trained pianist, with his strikingly unforgettable voice and flow is undoubtedly one of the more intelligent and exciting young musicians, to emerge out of Kingston, Jamaica. Born Andre Johnson, on May 2, 1988, Dre Island exhibited a very strong interest towards music at a young age.
His professional journey, was working as a producer in some of Jamaica’s top recording studios, in 2008 he decided to make a transition into becoming a recording artiste. He doesn’t believe in restricting his voice to any particular genre. Dre Island explores and lives in every genre of music in order to get his message out to everyone across the globe.
Dre Island songs are currently burning up the media airwaves, spreading his positive messages like ‘wildfire’’. with a wicked performance at this year Rebel Salute. 

One of the Reggae Revival female voices is definitely Kelissa. The recording artiste has toured Africa and is now ready for the379657_10150895576900507_234582779_n 1795727_10153766645300507_834031975_n first European run.

Kelissa McDonald was born and raised in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica. At an early age, Kelissa developed an inclination to listening and making music, largely influenced by reggae and Rastafari. With her parents as the lead vocalists in the reggae band ‘Chakula,’ there was constantly music pulsating from her home. Her music has evolved into an expression of her background as well her stimulating living experiences in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana. At the moment Kelissa resides in Jamaica where she continues to make positive and conscious music as an avenue to express her diverse experiences and to inspire and uplift others.

Reggae Revival

While local and international news sources tend to highlight some of the worst aspects of Jamaican culture, the youths of 965894_208631532636585_728558905_otoday are generating much more positivity on the ground level. Promising movement is happening right now. This is the Reggae Revival. It is the spirit of our times. It has been brewing for years and now it is undeniable.

Whether or not it was given a name it would have happened anyway. It will continue to happen for some time and will not be stopped as long as love and unity reign. What we see happening in the local creative industries is that the conscious, Afrocentric, often Rastafari reggae aesthetic is making a powerful comeback in various art forms and cultural expressions. Music unsurprisingly leads the way with a new crop of singers and musicians who are emerging to give expression to this awakening. They are literally speaking on our behalf.

Whereas we have had previous waves of truly uplifting music, the Reggae Revival is unique. This wave is coming with a simultaneous surge of powerful visual art and a high level of collaboration occurring between the two art forms. Meanwhile, the wider community extends to all types of artists and non-artists: poets, authors, film-makers, chefs, dancers, fashion designers, yoga instructors and other spiritual teachers, managers, administrators, public relations writers, communication specialists, DJs and other radio personalities and more.

With global reggae enthusiasts now reexamining Jamaica’s musical output, we are seeing that the Reggae Revival is a genuine and divine opportunity for us to properly document and promote our own common, collective, authentic culture. It is more than just the music. It is a cultural revolution in progress. Give it some time, observe it and contribute your strengths to it with open minds and hearts. You will inevitably see what we are capable of together.

Stay in tune for more updates.

This will be the show case that everyone keep talking about for life.








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