Warm up artists for Bob Marley Birthday Bash 2018


(Swahili for “brother”), is of Tanzanian descent he is a reggae, dancehall and hip hop artist who performs in EnSidsteSangCover024.600x600-75Danish . At various times, he was known as Little Kaka, Lil’ Kaka and Bigg Kaka before dropping the adjectives.
In 2007, Kaka had his debut appearing on stage with Natasja Saad on her last shows in Copenhagen before she died in Jamaica. Kaka later collaborated with Lirical D’Mirical and his sound system Splif Click also being part of the Danish reggae underground scene with Youngblood Sound. In 2009, he allied himself with the producers Pharfar and Fresh-I and their sound system Donkey Sound. In 2011, he was featured in Wafande’s debut single “Gi’ mig et smil” (meaning Give Me a Smile). Kaka had his own first release in collaboration with Donkey Sound in the track “Mere Energi”. However his biggest success came with “Bang Bang (Reggaejam)” on the newly formed label Donkey Recs (founded by Donkey Sound, producer duo Pharfar and Fresh-I and Musicall Management). The song charted in the Tracklisten, official Danish Singles Chart in 2012. He followed that up with single “En sidste sang” in 2013, also a Top 20 hit in Denmark. Kaka Facebook  / Kaka & Beenieman


Jah Turban

#jahturban will be supporting artist to #kabakapyramid on #sunday the 11th October @musikloppen

Jah Turban´s aim and aspiration is to spread the positive message of his music worldwide. He grew up in Spanish Town, and received his musical calling at an early age. He was inspired by many roots reggae artists which led him at the age of 10 to start singing on sound systems, in his area of Spanish Town. At age 16 he received the Rastafari calling which he embraced, following the culture of Nyah Bingi gatherings, drumming, and cultural music. Since his arrival in Denmark, he has toured mainly in Denmark and Sweden, and France and Italy, and has participated in several of the reggae festivals in those countries. – At the end of 2012, he started a 3 month “Back to Africa” tour of the Gambia and Ghana to get inspirations from the motherland. The tour has already resulted in a very popular track entitled For the Gambia, a tribute to the smiling coast of Africa. Plus a track entitled Fi Wi Time Now based on the Hottadanfire riddim by Ghana producer Sky Boo Reppin. Jah Turban visited the Gambia for further inspiration at end 2013 and to collect video material. Jah Turban Facebook / Jah Turban Music


Soeren Schou, aka Pharfar, is firmly established as Denmark’s biggest reggae and dancehall producer, often being referred as to an innovative soul burning for reggae music.
After many years of producing music in the underground reggae scene, 2006 would see Pharfar receive public recognition for his efforts when he received multiple awards and among those a Danish Music Award for Producer of the Year.
The award was in honour of his platinum-selling album Bikstok Rogsystem, a group of which he was a member. Through several years, Pharfar was the primary producer for Denmark’s now-deceased queen of dancehall Natasja. The multi-talented individual has also scored big in Denmark with his debut solo single La Mig Rule Dig, which was co-produced by Donkey Sound Label. Pharfar Music


I Lawy

Marley-16003159resize 500Has since his arrival from Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania in the mid 80’s been amongst the pedigree of the Danish reggae scene. Well-known for his silky voice and lively performance, Ilawy takes the groove to higher levels on stage as well as in the studio with his appearance in various bands

such as Japaf, Nobody Beats the Beats and Ashtiani & Baltzer. Working with reggae producer System Failure Ilawy has released the single Stand Firm on the Copenhagen-based Crucial Sounds label. Ilawy is truly an experienced singer and performer and a joy to watch every time he enters the stage. Ilawy Facebook / I lawy Music


Jah Bobby_MG_1061

The Veteran Jamaican singer entertainer known as Jah Bobby started singing at age 8 but it was not until 12 years ago that he seriously made the right move to explore his musical talent. Jah bobby has a unique voice styling, which is compared to Skelly of Israel Vibration (who have played one of the best roots reggae concerts in Copenhagen) Jah Bobby music


Rudee Spice

Marley-16010128Who is a Soul / Reggae singer and song writerAfter big successes with the songs ‘Love is what I want’ with (Sound Of Seduction) and ‘Now That We Found Love.’ Rudee Spice latest single ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ is making a lot of head waves in the underground. He is currently working on a new EP entitled what’s going on.He has been performing on many stages in Europe and has been support to Kymani Marley, Fantan Mojah, Author Conley, Anthony B and Herma Franklin to name a few. This artist music is all about the positive message especially for the yutes cause they are the future.Rudee Spice is a great performer and will nice up any dance hall and stage show. Rudee Spice Facebook / Rudee Spice music


Coco P. 
Veteran all round Jamaican singjay artists who been performing on stage show for many many years in Europe. His single One Scotch is his signature song and is his hottest release up to this time his fans love it. Coco P will mash up any stage show.
more info https://www.facebook.com/poco.loco.503





Is a reggae lovers rock, dancehall, rnb and pop artist. She started singing at an early age and has blossomed into a singer for the people with her lyrical content. Lotta D’s aims to challenge old ideas, open the mind to new ideas and empower her fans through her music. more infohttps://www.facebook.com/lotte.ditlefsen




Live band – Hafizi Crew
Roots / dancehall reggae backing band, consisting of the most skilled & experienced musicians from the danish reggae scene.They have been backing artists like,
Bikstok, Alton Ellis, Mykal Rose, Klumben, Raske Penge, Natasja, Pharfar, Wafande, Von Dü, Karen Mukupa, Kaka, TopGunn, Kenneth Bager, Admiral Bailey, Jah Mason, Half Pint, Gappy Ranks, Peter Belli, Peter A.G., , Cisilia, and Lady Saw, to name a few. Hafizi Crew Facebook / Hafizi music




Mary Nantayiro

Is a Ugandan singer living in Denmark. She debuted with her very first Ep “Mary Nantayiro” in 2016 with the hit single “Live your life”. Mary has performed live on many stage show like The Uganda’s independence celebrations, the welcoming party of Uganda’s Prime minister (Katikkiro), The Waka Waka festival 2017 plus many clubs/festivals. Her music is Easy, Intense, Big Ballads, melodious, modern popular with inspiration from her African background. Her music speaks to the mind, body and soul with a charming warm voice that captivates audiences where ever she performs. Mary Nantayiro Facebook –  Mary music @MaryNantayiro – Twitter @marynantayiro – Instagram


Sky Juice Sound 

The year to year Sound is one of the longest living sound in Scandinavia and continues to be realistically focused, with a very strong team of mature selectors who knows how to dip their hands in their record box come up with tunes you don’t hear everyday. Sky Juice Sound single handily introduced “A real Jamaican style” of playing reggae music to Denmark and most of Scandinavia throughout the 90’s and beyond, no surprise that they became a reggae university and inspiration for most sounds and artists in and around Denmark today.

Sky Juice Sound myspace


Nadia Mimi 

Er en upcoming rapper/sanger. Hun er en kvinde med en kæmpe sjæl, stor energi og en endnu større passion for musik. Hendes lyd rammer med en følelse af varme, positivitet og dybde som med hendes eksotiske genre sammensmeltninger af hiphop/jazzy og Dancehall/Rnb skaber en unik lyd – som er helt hendes egen. Hun har i slutningen af 2017 udgivet sin teaser video’badabumbadabim’. Nu er hun klar med sin kommende EP i staren 2018. Glæd jer og hold øje med hende!!!! 6 nye varme tracks er på vej.
One love… Nadia Facebook



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